ECC E-bot redefining the crypto industry by integrating automation AI.

3 min readFeb 3, 2022

The emergence of cryptocurrencies came as one of the most exciting features in the worldwide financial markets. Sometimes, the volatility of the market entices traders with huge returns and lots of winning opportunities.

Digital currencies use the most advanced technologies to conduct worldwide transactions and book-keeping in the blockchain, which opens the interest of tech enthusiasts to create more innovative, sophisticated platforms where investors can carry out crypto trading.

ECC E-Bot Platform was launched in 2021 and it will be the most popular crypto trading Bots in the next few months in the worldwide market.

Why ECC E-Bot Platform Launched.

ECC E-bot developed an innovative concept which is an automated crypto trading bot platform. ECC Automated trading bot platform allows business traders and traders to trade cryptocurrencies actively without constant computer monitoring. It uses algorithms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at certain times. With more than 90% of the global financial markets trading algorithmically, the ECC Governance also join the crypto market hub. ECC E-Bot is also ready for listing the top 10 crypto start-ups in 2022 that are working towards automated crypto trading Fintech World.

ECC E-Bot is a unique platform that utilizes an automated trading mechanism to make crypto trading efficient for investors. It was initially introduced as a tool for beginner traders because of its simplicity and user-friendly navigation. ECC E-bot enables the traders to use different tools alongside trading, Also ECC E-bot also planning to add copy trading, social trading, and much more in the current platform.

Even with the use of ECC E-bot investors become profitable in their crypto investments, despite the level of their expertise in this domain. The ECC E-bot platform incorporates an automated bot that automatically trades for the traders, starting from selecting the best crypto exchanger to the selling and buying of trading positions. ECC E-bot also cooperates with more than 20+ crypto exchanges and makes sure to select the best exchange rate, which will yield the most profits.

ECC E-bot also offers the broadest range of pre-existing trading strategies, and its crypto trading bot currently allows users to customize investing with more than 200+ trading templates which are automatically executed when the market conditions meet the predefined parameters.

ECC E-bots also enable the investors to automate their investment strategy so that they do not have to constantly monitor every market movement. Soon ECC community will see the comprehensive crypto trading bot platform that features automated portfolio management, dollar cost averaging strategies, periodical portfolio rebalancing and so much more. Even ECC E-bot also launching its mobile trading app which will be is extremely organized, and it will enable users with any level of expertise to trade efficiently.

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Etherconnect, ECC is an open-source cryptocurrency that was connected with the Ethereum Decentralized Finance Open protocol with high-yield farming program.