Etherconnect (ECC) Staking Platform is Live and Growing Returns Every Day!

3 min readMar 5, 2021


Etherconnect Staking Platform is Live and Growing Returns Every Day!

We are thrilled to announce that the first iteration of the Etherconnect platform is now live at! Today’s we set the milestone for us and the next step in our journey to hand financial control back to the people. The platform will provide the Etherconnect worldwide community with an avenue to participate and earn daily passive rewards in the broader DeFi and PoS cross-chain space!

What you need to know about Etherconnect’s platform.

Etherconnect focus on enhancing the utility of the ECC coin in a decentralized, non-custodial manner. Our very first staking pool caters to the ECC Coin as it currently stands as an Ethereum-based, ERC-20 token. Specifically, through our first staking pool in the Etherconnect platform, ECC coin holders can now stake and earn staking rewards in a non-custodial manner, by interacting directly with an on-chain smart-contract. Besides never giving up control of your ECC, we have also structured the platform in an incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate structure.

Asset: ECC (ERC-20);

- Estimated Annualized Reward: Pool will launch with an estimated annualized reward of 88.88% (daily equivalent of ~0.24%). The daily rate (and respective annualized reward) will be adjusted on a monthly basis by the Etherconnect Council;

- Reward Accrual Terms: Rewards accrue every 24-hours at the daily equivalent reward rate, starting from the moment a staking transaction is successful. This means initial rewards will not be shown until after the first day of staking;

- Reward Distribution: Users can choose to either stake or claim rewards at any point once they have been accrued:
(1) Staking outstanding reward balance immediately transfers reward tokens to the user’s staked balance, and starts accruing rewards; or
(2) Claiming outstanding reward balance kicks off an 8-day unstaking timer, after which the staking reward tokens become available for withdrawal;

- Unstaking Staked Balance: Users can not unstake at any time the minimum staking duration for ECC is 365 days. But staking income can withdrawl anytime from the Etherconnect platform.

Next Step: Etherconnect delegator rewards program.

In addition to the above ERC-20 staking pools, we will be officially launching our delegator rewards program over the coming weeks, also to be accessible via the Etherconnect platform. Through this program, our fellow Etherconnect will be able to delegate a growing list of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) assets to the various Etherconnect validator nodes and earn ECC rewards in addition to the relevant chain’s native asset. If you have been paying attention to our project’s development, you will notice that we have been continuously working on expanding our list of Proof-of-Stake network partners. We will look to roll out the delegator rewards program with several of these, so if you hold any of those chains’ assets, keep your eyes peeled for when these programs roll out!

Where we are heading.

The above is just but the first piece of the puzzle in the broader Etherconnect suite of its DeFi product offerings. We will continue to develop our broader range of Substrate-based smart contracts to the binance blockchain ecosystem through BNB Smart chain. In addition to our multi-asset staking services, our robust roadmap still sees many of the Etherconnect features ahead of us that will truly set us ahead through our proprietary lending, borrowing, Etherconnect Ecosystem, and other services. We truly believe that the future of blockchain will be based and built around cross-chain ecosystems, and we look forward to migrating and deploying our broader suite of product offerings, with our growing partners, as we and the Binance smart chain ecosystem continue to blossom.

About Etherconnect Ecosystem:

Etherconnect is a worldwide community-governed DeFi protocol platform focusing on Staking, , Yield farming, Stablecoin, Lending, and Governance. Etherconnect leverages the crowd’s wisdom to create a worldwide community-governed, transparent, and decentralized ecosystem for web 3.0. Built on Parity Substrate for the binance smart chain ecosystem, Etherconnect gives financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together.

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Etherconnect, ECC is an open-source cryptocurrency that was connected with the Ethereum Decentralized Finance Open protocol with high-yield farming program.