Etherconnect Introducing Yield Farming Protocol on Uniswap Soon.

Etherconnect native token is ECC will be distributed as rewards to liquidity providers for the ETH/ECC pool in this 5th week period of the launch Etherconnect platform.

As the team indicated in the tokenomics, the tokens reserved for Yield Farming (mining pool), 5 million in total, is intended to be distributed to the farmers over 1 year. To facilitate the incentive mechanism, ECC team will move enough ECC ERC20 tokens from the mining pool as the rewards of the Uniswap Yield Farming Campaign. Upon the end of the 4-week period, if there are ECC left in the contract, the remaining will be locked up again.

To fully incentivize the farmers in the pool, the initial expected APY in ECC for this promotion will be around 300%!

#How to Farm ECC Coin#

To farm ECC Coin and earn the Yield Farming Rewards:

Choose “Pool” and click “Add Liquidity” to join the Yield Farming. Then click “Select a token”, enter the ECC token contract address to add ECC Coin. If you have any trouble finding a token, just click “Having trouble finding a token?” at the bottom, then click “Add”.

Join the Etherconnect Yield Farming, and start earning profit from the ECC Campaign!

About Etherconnect

Etherconnect is DeFi 2.0 for Cross Chain Derivative Issuance and Credit Lending protocol. Etherconnect provides the smartest way to invest derivative assets and earn interests with credit-based high leverage tools through the decentralized secure protocol.

The mission of Etherconnect is to build a one-stop platform for cross-chain multi-asset collateral service, Credit-based lending, derivative issuance, trading and asset management in the DeFi area, providing users with revolutionary, decentralized, and risk-minimized financial products.

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Etherconnect, ECC is an open-source cryptocurrency that was connected with the Ethereum Decentralized Finance Open protocol with high-yield farming program.