EYFI the First fully decentralized finance Crypto Index protocol.

Imagine holding a crypto basket representing the top DeFi assets in a fully decentralized space. Meet EYFI, the first Decentralized finance Crypto Index ecosystem.

Etherconnect is a decentralized finance protocol ecosystem that allows worldwide user to become a holder of the top DeFi tokens packed into one EYFI token index with one click. The EYFI coin index represents noticeable and impactful DeFi assets, which we use to evaluate the economic health of the crypto-market. That is why making a single operation can bring you all the benefits of the full basket of crypto-assets. The EYFI Coin index is composed of the price of the selected tokens which serve as an indicator of the general direction of DeFi market development. Thus, the user gets a portfolio holding the top crypto assets represented by an algorithmically-driven index.

The EYFI protocol is built and fully maintained by the Etherconnect team of blockchain experts. Etherconnect is a billion dollars world fastest non governance community with more than 11+ years of experience in crypto technology and blockchain solution development.

Etherconnect has vast experience working with top 100 leading blockchain-based projects on CoinMarketCap. Etherconnect has in-house teams of back-end, front-end, QA and DevOps engineers along with blockchain auditors that are able to provide solutions with the highest level of security.

The idea of creating a fully decentralized crypto index was born out of the market demand and ongoing seeking for new opportunities for investment. The current market is able to offer a wide list of brilliant ALTcoin’s and assets that gather trust and more influence among other positions.

Having one index carry the power of the top DeFi tokens is the best idea in terms of securing and strengthening your underlying funds.

The total market capitalization and in-depth research of each asset in the basket are core weights in the calculation of the index made by crypto analysts and DeFi experts.

How do we do this?

Etherconnect provides you with the opportunity to own a single token that ensures a profitable portfolio for the ECC coin holder.

The initial EYFI token index unites several top-notch DeFi protocol tokens into a single basket. The first index EYFI token issues are based on the best DeFi aggregators, liquidity pools, and financial market strategies applied by our DeFi experts and analysts.

The EYFI index platform implements a mechanism that purchases the underlying crypto assets to support the index. The protocol uses an in-built system of oracles in order to ensure the acquisition of the selected tokens at the best price the market offers.

Therefore, the index is backed by a set of crypto assets and ECC coin in an optimal proportion for passive income. If needed, the platform has the ability to rebalance the underlying set of assets to minimize risk.

Important! Only the number and proportion of tokens are balanced. The prices are taken from the oracles and do not fluctuate within the curve like in AMM-based protocols.

Thus, the system ensures the protocol has no loss and the EYFI index is backed in full.

What’s new?

Etherconnect is the first platform into the market offer the creation of custom crypto indexes representing your personal investment portfolio that can appreciate in value through the EYFI yield farming platform.

EYFI Custom Yield farming index protocol

The EYFI protocol will present several in-house crypto index protocols available to the user and provides a place for traders and platform users to issue their indexes featuring its own unique set of crypto assets. Therefore, the platform’s system allows you to collect and combine your own portfolio, convert it to the custom index and deliver it to the market through the Etherconnect platform.

Depending on the principle behind choosing the underlying group of assets, the EYFI custom index displays the health and market state of particular sectors of the crypto environment, for instance, the decentralized exchange sector or a group of decentralized derivatives, etc.

Join the Etherconnect Telegram group to get up-to-date info regarding launching your own EYFI index Yield Farming protocol.

Stake ECC Coin and get an extra yield on your assets!

The Etherconnect EYFI protocol enables an optimal strategy for users to stake the ECC Coin which represents the EYFI index and benefit from EYFI yield farming opportunities.

In essence, it comprises the following four steps:

  1. User locks a certain amount of ECC their acquired Etherconnect Staking index within the protocol;
  2. The EYFI protocol using the in-built oracles retrieves the current prices of the underlying crypto-assets;
  3. Corresponding to the chosen EYFI index, the platform sends the underlying currencies separately to the yield farming protocols using the most optimized strategies;
  4. The ECC Stake returned to the user in the form of new EYFI index tokens backed by the profit generated.

So nothing appears out of thin air or disappears into dust, unlike some existing DeFi protocols.

Stay tuned for upcoming news to get more info about staking and redemption opportunities in Etherconnect

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Etherconnect, ECC is an open-source cryptocurrency that was connected with the Ethereum Decentralized Finance Open protocol with high-yield farming program.

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Etherconnect, ECC is an open-source cryptocurrency that was connected with the Ethereum Decentralized Finance Open protocol with high-yield farming program.

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