Is the ECC trading bot really making the crypto market better or just a means of taking out people’s money?

3 min readMar 22, 2022

There are numbers of crypto bots available in the market but only some bots are able to make a sophisticated profit. So, it is a critical decision to make while choosing the right crypto trading bot.

ECC trading bot is an emerging platform for trading, equipped with a visual strategy designer, AI model optimization for the crypto investors to set up and run multiple trades simultaneously.

ECC trading bot is mainly developed to manage trades automatically and help investors to get benefitted in any circumstances. Crypto trading bots are considered valuable for those who are into cryptocurrencies dealings.

The ECC trading bot is making the crypto market better and more helpful for the traders in various ways listed below: -

.The best part of using an ECC trading bot is that all your money is in your control, the bot only has the permission to trade and not to withdraw

. It runs on an algorithm of “no profit no charge.” You only need to pay a fee only when the ECC E-BOT closes the trade deal with profit.

. ECC E-bot ensures rapid processing of information and provides traders more time and flexibility

. ECC trading bot provides access to a number of trading tools designed to improve its overall efficiency and effectiveness to maximize profit

.ECC bot can also predict the risks involved in investing digital assets and ensures the trader decides how much to trade and how much to invest

. ECC bot looks at the market trend of the digital assets and therefore analyze, scan, and suggest whether to buy or sell the particular digital asset

For more information, let’s just talk about the different types of crypto bots listed below: -

· Trend trading bots

This type of bot instigates the trend of the particular digital asset to carry out any operation. If the trend shows the rise in prices, then the bot will generate a longer situation else the bot will generate a shorter situation

· Arbitrary bot

What this arbitrary bot do is compare a particular digital asset on the different exchanges available and looking at its volatility and prices automatically carry out its buy and sell operations where there are more chances of profit

· Coin lending bots

Basically, everyone wants to earn cryptocurrencies via lending coins to the traders who in return pay you the interest in return. But all this procedure took much the time in setting the parameters. For this purpose, coin lending bots helps you in finding the right interest rate offered and taking things into consideration and automate the process accordingly

· Market maker bots

After considering and making all the crypto strategies and the prices in the crypto market, the bot place and orders the digital asset price differently from the market price in order to make a profit. In short, the market maker bot software is programmed on buying cheaper prices and selling at a higher price which will save your money as well as your time

“Bots are not the tomorrow of trading, they are very much a present reality,” said the lead developer and co-founder of ECC E-bot. “But many of the investors still see it as a choice of Wall Street funds and consider it as a process too advanced and mysterious for retail traders. The truth is that people still trading manually and are falling behind, and therefore, operating at a great disadvantage. Our platform levels out the playing field and starts building advanced bots for free. We are sure ECC bot clients will quickly up their investment game and build up a whole army of bots to the next level and start generating profit on every trading.

Note — It is important to take care that the ECC trading bot is just a tool to automate trading but is not meant for everybody. Therefore, it is crucial to look after certain measures in selecting a bot or you can end up with losses.

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Etherconnect, ECC is an open-source cryptocurrency that was connected with the Ethereum Decentralized Finance Open protocol with high-yield farming program.